Callide Power Station

Callide PFAS monitoring

CS Energy is conducting a voluntary investigation into the potential environmental impact of our historical use of PFAS at Callide Power Station.

Callide's use of PFAS was infrequent and in small quantities for training, testing and emergency response purposes. CS Energy removed firefighting foams containing non-compliant levels of PFAS in 2019 as part of a Queensland Government policy to phase out their use.

Monitoring program

CS Energy has been working with an independent environmental testing firm to understand the impact of our historical PFAS use at Callide Power Station.

We are also working closely with the Department of Environment and Science and Queensland Health, and following their advice.

The early phases of our investigation included a desktop review, site inspections and sampling onsite and adjacent to the Callide Power Station. In early 2021 we began sampling offsite downstream from the power station along Callide Creek. 

The health of the community and our employees is CS Energy’s key priority and will guide our actions throughout the monitoring program. We are speaking directly with affected landholders and proactively updating the broader Biloela community and our employees.

22 Feb 2021 - Banana Shire Council tests of Biloela town water 

Following CS Energy's detection of PFAS in some locations near Callide Power Station, the Banana Shire Council tested the Biloela town water supply.

The results of Council's tests found that the Biloela water supply is safe to drink. Read the Council's update on their Facebook page.

12 Feb 2021 - CS Energy sampling program

In January 2021 CS Energy's independent environmental testing firm took samples on site, and off site in the area adjacent to the power station.

Samples were taken adjacent to the power station and various locations along Callide Creek between the station and approximately four kilometres downstream to the Linkes Road creek crossing. None of the sample sites were on private property.

  • The tests found that at locations within and outside our site, there were levels of PFAS detected that were higher than the government guidelines for drinking water and species protection.
  • While some results were above the government guidelines, they were significantly lower than at other sites in Queensland that had PFAS in their groundwater.
  • We are working with the Department of Environment and Science (DES) and Queensland Health on these results.
  • DES and Queensland Health have identified one location about 4km downstream (near Linkes Road) as the priority public health focus area given its proximity to private property and distance from the power station.
  • The other locations that were above guidelines are either on, or very close to the power station site, and in the predicted flow path of PFAS.

Callide PFAS sampling area map (PDF 6.4MB)


Going forward, we'll be doing more monitoring and testing of water samples from the surrounding catchment. Over coming weeks and months we’ll be sampling on and off our site, and working with potentially affected landholders to test their bores they use for domestic purposes. 

Information for landholders

CS Energy fact sheet for landholders (PDF 158.7KB)

Qld Health fact sheet (PDF 281.1KB)

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries fact sheet for primary producers (PDF 169.5KB)

Media releases

Initial results of voluntary PFAS monitoring at Callide - 8 Feb 2021