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Alinta Energy joint venture

CS Energy has a 50/50 joint venture with Alinta Energy to provide electricity to residential and small commercial customers in South East Queensland. 

We formed the joint venture with Alinta Energy in 2017 to offer South East Queenslanders more choice when it comes to choosing a retail electricity provider. Since then, the joint venture has stimulated competition and led to better price outcomes for consumers in the region.

Under the agreement CS Energy generates and supplies wholesale electricity, and Alinta Energy manages the retail business. 

Fast facts

  • Powering more than 214,000 customers in South East Queensland.
  • Is available to: households and businesses that use under 100 MWh per annum.
  • Location: Energex Distribution Area, South East Queensland.


If you live in the Energex Distribution Area and are interested in switching to Alinta Energy, visit or contact Alinta Energy by phone on 13 37 02.

Outside the south east corner, Ergon Energy is the only retailer and the Queensland Government provides subsidies for consumers in these areas.

Boosting competition in SEQ

A recent independent report shows that CS Energy’s retail joint venture with Alinta Energy has delivered increased competition and savings for electricity consumers in South East Queensland.

The Australian Energy Market Commission's 2019 Retail Competition Review found that the Alinta Energy joint venture had led to substantial discounting in SEQ and that the traditional 'big three' retailers no longer held the three largest market shares in the region.