Kogan Creek Power Station

Water management

Water is vital to the electricity generation process.

Coal and gas fired power stations are sometimes known as ‘thermal plants’. Water is used to generate electricity and also for cooling in these plants.

And of course, water is the primary fuel source for hydroelectric power stations.

Using water wisely

CS Energy uses a combination of recycled, raw, and town water at its power stations. Our most water efficient plant is Kogan Creek Power Station near Chinchilla.

Unlike conventional coal-fired power stations, Kogan Creek uses dry cooling technology, resulting in 95 percent less water use. 

The site’s air-cooled condenser (ACC) uses giant fans to cool and condense exhaust steam after it has left the turbine so it can be reused again in the electricity generation process.

The limited amount of water the power station does use is sourced from local bores and surface water run off collected in dams.