Kogan Creek Power Station

Water management

Water is vital to the electricity generation process. We use a combination of recycled, raw and town water, and have water management strategies to ensure the sustainable and efficient use of this precious resource.
Using water wisely

Our most water efficient plant is Kogan Creek Power Station near Chinchilla. Unlike conventional coal-fired power stations, Kogan Creek uses dry cooling technology, resulting in 95 percent less water use. 

The site’s air-cooled condenser (ACC) uses giant fans to cool and condense exhaust steam after it has left the turbine so it can be reused again in the electricity generation process. The limited amount of water the power station does use is sourced from local bores and surface water run off collected in dams. 

Since 2016, an onsite water clarification plant has recycled stormwater for use in plant operations at Kogan Creek Power Station, resulting in a 20 per cent annual reduction in bore water use. The power station can also treat additional sources of water for use in the boiler, where high quality water is required, providing a back-up water source in the event of drought or a bore failure.

Callide Power Station sources its water from the Gladstone Area Water Board’s Awoonga Dam and it is piped to the Callide Dam via the Stag Creek and Awoonga-Callide pipelines to reduce evaporation.