Waste management at Kogan Creek

Environmental management

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All of our power stations and the Brisbane office operate within an Environmental Management System (EMS). CS Energy's EMS is certified as meeting the requirements of the international environmental standard ISO 14001:2015.

Our EMS is a tool for managing the impacts of CS Energy's activities on the environment. It provides a structured approach to how we plan work and put protection measures into place.

The EMS is used both for daily operations and long-term planning, and it integrates into our other quality management systems, helping us meet our obligations.

View our EMS procedures on our Suppliers page.

Monitoring and reporting

CS Energy has strict targets and monitoring systems in place to help us meet our environmental obligations and we regularly report to the Department of Environment and Science (DES) about our environmental activities.

It’s always our target for zero environmental incidents. If any do occur, we immediately report them to DES and include detail of the incident and our mitigating response.

While we have dedicated teams at every site to monitor our performance, every CS Energy employee and contractor is asked to take accountability for responsible environmental management.