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Our safety system

CS Energy's Health and Safety Management System provides a uniform approach to health and safety at all of our sites. It comprises tools and procedures for working safely and running our power stations safely. The system has been developed to meet obligations set down in health and safety legislation and International Standard 45001.

Key elements of the system include:

Health and Safety Handbook 

health and safety handbook

Our Health and Safety Handbook is a practical one-stop-shop for safety information and procedures for CS Energy employees and contractors.

The handbook identifies the risks and hazards that workers on our sites must be aware of, and the actions that must be taken to manage these risks and hazards to prevent injury and harm.


CGR app 

CGR app

The CGR app enables our employees and contractors to record safety lead indicators such as workplace inspections and critical control audits via their mobile devices.  The information we obtain through these safety interactions helps us to monitor our safety performance and identify the things we need to do to ensure our workplace is safe. This information feeds into CS Energy’s safety system, and can be viewed on a mobile or PC at any time.


PTW Office 

permit to work system

CS Energy uses a Permit to Work (PTW) lock system for coordinating and isolating live energy sources at our power stations. It is our primary safety system and aims to control access to plant and equipment and minimise the risk of injury to personnel. We use a lock out/tag out system and SAP interface to manage the plant isolations. All hazardous energy sources are identified, de-energised and physically isolated prior to work commencing on equipment or systems.


Life Savers

The Life Savers are CS Energy’s six non-negotiable safety rules that must be followed by all employees and contractors at CS Energy sites.

  • No person shall direct anyone to break a life savers rule.
  • Only operate equipment for which you are trained, competent and authorised.
  • Only commence work after all appropriate permits to work are in place.
  • All necessary isolations must be in place and verified as effective in accordance with your role, before work can commence.
  • Do not remove, bypass or modify a safety protection device without appropriate authorisation.
  • Do not work at heights without appropriate fall protection systems in place for people and objects. 

CS Energy developed its Life Savers using incident management system data and target high risk tasks, such as working at heights.

More information

To view key procedures and forms from our Health and Safety Management System, visit the Suppliers page.