Kogan employees with Health and Safety Handbook

Our safety system

CS Energy's Health and Safety Management System provides a uniform approach to health and safety at all of our sites. It has been developed to meet obligations set down in health and safety legislation and International Standard 45001.

The system comprises policies, manuals, management plans, procedures, work instructions and forms, together with supporting systems and training.

Worker with safety handbook 

health and safety handbook

As part of our drive towards developing simple systems we launched a new Health and Safety Handbook for employees and contractors in 2018. The handbook is a practical one-stop-shop for safety information and procedures and directs employees to where they can find more detailed information.

This resource now forms a key part of our safety toolkit for employees and contractors.


LEAD App 550x330 


The LEAD app gives our employees and contractors a faster and easier way to record and manage safety.

LEAD allows our workers to enter real time safety data into our system.

It means we’re able to monitor and assess our safety performance as it happens – helping us respond to hazards, incidents and emerging trends quickly and efficiently.  

Key policies and procedures

CS Energy’s Health and Safety Policy is the overarching document of our health and safety management system. Another important procedure is the Managing Alcohol and Other Drugs Procedure.

Visit the Suppliers page to access copies of these and other safety procedures, manuals and forms.

Life Savers

The Life Savers are CS Energy’s six non-negotiable safety rules that must be followed by all employees and contractors at CS Energy sites.

  • No person shall direct anyone to break a life savers rule.
  • Only operate equipment for which you are trained, competent and authorised.
  • Only commence work after all appropriate permits to work are in place.
  • All necessary isolations must be in place and verified as effective in accordance with your role, before work can commence.
  • Do not remove, bypass or modify a safety protection device without appropriate authorisation.
  • Do not work at heights without appropriate fall protection systems in place for people and objects. 

CS Energy developed its Life Savers using incident management system data and target high risk tasks, such as working at heights.