Brian at Kogan

Personal safety

Our approach to personal safety, is about ensuring that our people understand and manage the risks associated with a task before they start work.

Serious injury and fatality prevention

The Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention targets the risks on our sites that have the potential to cause serious injury or a fatality. These include confined spaces, working with electricity, hazardous chemicals and working at heights. We have critical controls for managing these risks and they must be in place before work can start.

Operational hazards

Operational hazards such as abrasive blasting, manual handling and excavation have been identified at each of our sites and they form part of our risk register. We expect our people to implement the minimum controls for these hazards before commencing a task.

Managing health hazards

We’re strengthening how we manage the occupational hazards that could cause illness or disease. This includes hazards such as noise, vibration, dust, chemicals and ergonomic factors. 

An external specialist has conducted a risk assessment of these hazards at our sites, in particular assessing coal dust exposure following the re-emergence of Black Lung disease in Queensland. We're monitoring personal dust exposure at our coal-fired sites to ensure that we have the appropriate controls in place to protect workers.

And, because many of our people have worked long-term in the energy or other coal related industry, we’re offering voluntary respiratory health assessments for anyone concerned about their respiratory health.