Callide ash dam

Ash management

Ash is a by-product of the combustion of coal at CS Energy's Callide and Kogan Creek power stations.

These power stations produce ash in two forms: fly ash, which has the consistency of talcum powder, and furnace ash, which is like coarse sand.

Responsibly managing ash waste

CS Energy is a strong advocate of recycling ash – from the more traditional offtake into cement products to any opportunity that leads to the beneficial use of ash.

Some 99.9 percent of the ash created at our power stations is collected in a manner that allows it to be recycled or stored on site in ash dams or ash cells.

Kogan Creek Power Station’s waste ash is piped to the neighbouring Kogan Creek Mine and stored in an ash cell and at Callide Power Station it is stored in an on-site ash dam.

We recycle approximately 11 per cent of the total ash that we produce by selling it to end users through long term ash sale arrangements.

CS Energy is an active participant of the Australian Ash Development Association with the objective of investigating and developing market opportunities for the use of ash in various industry applications such as construction, agriculture and manufacturing.

Monitoring ambient dust

CS Energy has a comprehensive dust monitoring program at Callide and Kogan Creek power stations. Through this program we measure ambient dust levels and consult with our neighbours about our dust control.