Callide ash dam

Ash management

Ash is a by-product of the combustion of coal at CS Energy's Callide and Kogan Creek power stations.

These power stations produce ash in two forms: fly ash, which has the consistency of talcum powder, and furnace ash, which is like coarse sand.

Responsibly managing ash waste

Some 99.9 percent of the ash created at our power stations is collected in a manner that allows it to be recycled or stored on site in ash dams or ash cells.

Each year, CS Energy also sells some of the waste ash produced at our power stations. Ash can be used as a cement replacement in concrete, a soil improver, an absorbent for waste, and as fill in large civil engineering projects such as highway embankments and mine site rehabilitation. CS Energy continues to explore new opportunities for recycling ash from our coal-fired power stations.

In FY2020 a $10.75 million project was completed to build a new ash storage facility for Kogan Creek Power Station to replace an older ash cell that was nearing capacity.

The new Kogan Creek ash cell was constructed as a partially lined structure according to a design approved by the Department of Environment and Science. The liner minimises seepage through the floor area of the structure and the choice of liner accommodates settlement of the structure at capacity.

Monitoring ambient dust

CS Energy has a comprehensive dust monitoring program at Callide and Kogan Creek power stations. Through this program we measure ambient dust levels and consult with our neighbours about our dust control.