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Our strategy

The Australian energy mix is changing rapidly. Three key factors are driving this significant change – renewable generation, technology innovation, and a rise in the active, involved energy customer.

As a major electricity provider it’s critical that CS Energy maintains and invests in our existing assets so they perform at their best to power homes and businesses. But we must also leverage new technology, business models and partnerships to create a long term future for our business.  

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the elements of our strategy

Strategy circular diagram 

Our purpose

CS Energy's strategy is crafted around our purpose: Delivering energy today, powering your tomorrow. 

Our purpose captures the dual nature of what we aim to do - run a successful thermal generation business and evolve into a diversified energy business.

Our values

Our values of Be Safe, Act with Integrity, Take Accountability and Make a Difference define how we work with each other and our stakeholders as we pursue our strategy.

Our imperative

Our imperative of Adapt now to thrive in a rapidly changing energy world reflects that pace and urgency are crucial as we respond to the changing energy market.

Our vision

The future energy market is uncertain, but one thing is for sure - we know the kind of energy business that we want to be. One that's customer focused, diversified, proactive and recognised as a leader in the Australian energy market. This is reflected in our vision - To be a leading provider of diversified energy solutions to our customers. 

our strategic priorities

  1. Strengthen our foundations - Safety, people, culture, community and environment are at the core of everything we do.
  2. Optimise our assets - Our assets must continue to provide high availability and reliability and be able to operate flexibly as energy demand changes due to renewables.
  3. Maximise our returns - We will continue to run a commercially competitive business, with a strong cost focus and a disciplined approach to investment decisions.
  4. Deliver future energy - We will pursue diversification opportunities that expand our customer base, leverage technology and renewables, and respond to opportunities in distributed generation.