Columboola Solar Farm

Our strategy

Our strategy outlines how we will create a sustainable future for our business, people and communities as Queensland transitions to a clean energy economy.

The Australian energy mix is changing rapidly. Three key factors are driving this significant change – renewable generation, technology innovation, and a rise in the active, involved energy customer.

As a major electricity provider it’s critical that CS Energy maintains and invests in our existing assets so they perform at their best to power homes and businesses. But we must also leverage new technology, business models and partnerships to create a long term future for our business.    

the elements of our strategy

Strategy diagram 

Our purpose

CS Energy's strategy is crafted around our purpose: Delivering energy today, powering your tomorrow. 

Our purpose captures the dual nature of what we aim to do - run a successful thermal generation business and evolve into a diversified energy business.

Our values

Our values are We work safely, We make today matter, We embrace change and We care. These values define how we work with each other and our stakeholders as we pursue our strategy.

Our vision

Leading Queensland’s energy transformation to create a better future.

Our vision recognises the key role we play as a major energy supplier to the success of Queensland business and the quality of Queenslander’s lives.

It recognises that CS Energy is committed to being a leader in transforming Queensland’s energy system and capturing the opportunities that are ahead for our people, communities, and customers.

our strategic priorities

Strategic priority Focus areas
Master the fundamentals
  • Safe to run every day. Protect people, the environment and our assets.
  • Ensure we have the right technology, systems, processes and tools for the job.
  • Build an inclusive and diverse culture where innovation thrives.
  • Comply with our obligations to deliver what’s expected of us.
Navigate the transformation 
  • Invest in, and maintain, our existing assets to support the energy transformation.
  • Maintain a commercial business to support future investments
  • Transform our existing power station sites into integrated clean energy hubs.
  • Work with our people, stakeholders and communities to share the benefits of the energy transformation.
  • Grow our service and product offering to deliver on our customers’ needs.
Enable our future 
  • Invest in renewables, lower emission technology and large-scale storage.
  • Expand our retail business.
  • Develop a domestic and export hydrogen business.


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