Auxiliary boiler at Kogan

Our strategy

Our strategy is crafted around our purpose: delivering energy today, powering your tomorrow.

It’s a strategy that’s driven equally by our present and future.

As a major electricity provider it’s critical that CS Energy maintains and invests in our existing assets so they perform at their best to power homes and businesses.

However, the Australian energy mix is changing rapidly. Consumers are changing the way they use electricity, and we’re using more renewable energy than ever before.

CS Energy is taking action now to diversify our business and harness new technologies, so we can keep pace with industry change and stay competitive into the future.  

Our purpose

CS Energy


By 2030:

  • CS Energy will be a major Australian energy player renowned for its safe, reliable and affordable range of energy solutions.
  • The CS Energy brand will be known as an ethical and commercially astute business that consistently delivers exceptional financial, environmental, and community outcomes.
  • We will retain a best-in-class portfolio of generation assets that deliver flexible, reliable, low-cost energy in an evolving market.
  • We will provide 50 percent of Queensland’s baseload generation capacity. However, at least 30 percent of our earnings will be derived from innovative products and services, independent of our physical assets.
  • We will operate in a national market, and our experience in transitioning to a clean energy world will make our expertise globally sought after.
  • Our constructive, high performance culture will be widely recognised and attract the best talent to our business.
  • Our people will be empowered to create and deliver solutions that drive long-term value for all stakeholders.

Strategic goals

  • Drive relentlessly towards an injury free workplace.
  • Be a major provider of reliable energy to Australian households and businesses.
  • Engage our people and stakeholders in the success of our business.
  • Deliver value and stable cash returns for our shareholder.