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About CS Energy

CS Energy is a proudly Queensland-owned and based energy company that provides power to some of our state’s biggest industries and employers.

Our purpose

Purpose statement 

Since 1997 CS Energy has provided reliable electricity to homes and businesses. In the 2020s, we are adapting our business to thrive in the rapidly changing energy world.

Our purpose of Delivering energy today, powering your tomorrow captures the dual nature of our strategy - to run a successful thermal generation business and evolve into a diversified energy company exploring new markets, products and partnerships.

Our business

We generate and sell electricity, we are an energy retailer to commercial and industrial businesses, and we are investing in new energy technologies.

Our portfolio includes thermal power stations, solar and wind energy, renewable hydrogen, and firming and storage.

Our customers

We are a retailer to large commercial and industrial customers. This includes mines, ports and, through our whole-of government contract, Queensland Government agencies and departments.

Our dedicated Retail Business Team has significant energy market expertise and works directly with our customers to provide bespoke energy solutions, including through firmed renewable supply.

We also have a 50/50 retail joint venture with Alinta Energy supplies electricity to residential and small commercial customers in South East Queensland. We formed this joint venture in 2017 to introduce greater competition in the SEQ retail market.

Our people and communities

We employ more than 600 people who live and work in the communities where we operate.

We are an organisation with deep roots in regional Queensland, creating employment and economic opportunities that helps to sustain local communities.

We invest in these local communities through our annual sponsorship and donation programs, and by procuring goods and services from local suppliers wherever possible.