Electrical work at Kogan

Our commitment

Safety drives everything we do at CS Energy. Our number one priority is ensuring our people return home safely at the end of the workday.

Zero Harm

We believe all injuries and incidents are preventable – and it’s up to everyone to work safely within our safety management systems to achieve zero harm.

Our healthy safety culture is based on transparency. We promote a reporting culture, where incidents and hazards are dealt with in a way that encourages continuous reporting, learning, communication and improvement.

No one – from the CEO, to people working in our corporate office, or our power station sites – is excused from taking responsibility for safety.

Four pillars of safety

Our health and safety strategy focuses on four key areas. It’s a holistic strategy that aims to achieve sustainable safety performance – both at work and at home.

Injury prevention

We manage and assess risk before, during and after carrying out any task.

Safety culture

Our safety culture is characterised by leaders acting by example and a proactive approach to reporting, communication, learning and improvement.

Fit and healthy people

We aim for a productive, happy workplace by supporting and encouraging our employees to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Simple systems

Systems that are integrated, easy to use and easy to understand are essential to an effective safety management system.