Workers at Kogan Creek

Process safety

Process safety is about keeping our plant hazards under control - keeping the electricity in the wires, steam or gas inside the pipes, and the water behind the dam. It is critical to the safe operation and management of our power stations.

Process safety is underpinned by good asset management and goes hand in hand with our commitment to personal safety.

How we manage process safety

CS Energy’s process safety management system integrates process safety into our business as usual activities.

We understand and proactively manage the plant hazards that can cause harm to our people, plant and environment. This involves:

  • Understanding the hazards.
  • Knowing the controls.
  • Monitoring the controls.
  • Reporting any concerns.

We’ve based our process safety system on good industry practice - the Energy Institute's High Level Framework for Process Safety Management, ISO 55000 for Asset Management and ISO 31000 for Risk Management.

At CS Energy, we believe that everyone has a role to play in identifying, fixing and managing plant risks.

More information

Process Safety and Operational Integrity Policy (PDF 178.7KB).

Asset Management Policy (PDF 150.9KB)