Callide Power Station

Biloela community invited to PFAS info sessions

20 Apr 2021

CS Energy is hosting community walk in sessions for the Biloela community about the recent PFAS testing near Callide Power Station.

The sessions are designed so that interested community members can drop in at a time that suits them to ask questions and understand the testing to date and plans for ongoing monitoring.

CS Energy will be joined by independent environmental firm Epic Environmental, Queensland Health, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, and the Department of Environment and Science.

The sessions are at Hotel Settlers, Thursday 29 April, 3pm to 7pm and Friday 30 April, 7am to 10am. There is no presentation, community members are invited to simply drop in during the time slots.

Further walk-in sessions will be held in the future. More information about CS Energy’s PFAS monitoring can be found at monitoring.


CS Energy is working with an independent environmental testing firm to understand the potential impacts associated with the historical use of fire-fighting foams containing PFAS at Callide Power Station.

Sampling on private landholder property near the power station started in early 2021, and is continuing. To date, the results show a mix of PFAS levels above and below drinking water guidelines.

CS Energy has published a map (PDF 7.6MB) summarising the results from the first zone of PFAS sampling between the Callide Power Station and just past the Linkes Road Creek crossing.

Further work is required to better understand the variable nature of the results and the influence of factors such as bore depth, age and volume of use; aquifer connectivity; and interaction between surface water and groundwater.

Testing is still underway for properties in the other sampling zones.

We will continue to periodically publish maps on CS Energy’s website showing indicative PFAS levels for the sampling areas. We expect to release the results for zones 2 and 3 in May.