Employees at Kogan Creek

Being a good neighbour

Our power station sites neighbour rural residential and farming properties. We know the success of our business relies on the relationships we build with our local communities, and of course, our closest neighbours.

For CS Energy being “a good neighbour” means a positive, respectful, and considerate relationship built on open communication and trust.

We do this by:

  • Communicating openly and often
  • Constantly assessing the impact of our operations.
  • Operating within the bounds of our environmental licences.
  • Maintaining common boundary fences.
  • Managing vegetation and weeds.
  • Managing water, fire control.
  • Managing noise and dust. 
  • Managing wild animals on our properties.

Where appropriate, we may also lease buffer lands and other properties for productive rural use.

As a courtesy to our neighbours, CS Energy requires that all lessees maintain appropriate fire, weed and pest management.

Each power station site manager is responsible for personally staying in touch with our direct neighbours, and ensuring they are available to discuss any concerns as soon as possible.

All power station employees are responsible for ensuring CS Energy behaves as a good neighbour. Our employees are asked to make sure all concerns raised by our neighbours or local community are communicated to the power station manager.

Collectively we strive to improve our “good neighbour” approach to become “great neighbours”, built on a reputation of friendship and trust.