Stakeholder Advisory Council

Stakeholder Advisory Council

We have a key role to play in maintaining a secure and reliable supply of power as the energy industry moves to lower carbon sources of energy.

And, in addition to our existing power stations, we are diversifying, adding solar, renewable hydrogen, wind, and batteries to our portfolio.

It’s important to us that we engage early and often as we expand into new communities, so we can work with customers, stakeholders and communities to deliver mutual benefits.  

Our Stakeholder Advisory Council is an important part of our commitment to genuine engagement. 
The purpose of the Council is to provide a forum that allows CS Energy and our customers and stakeholders to connect regularly, talk about issues important to them, and consider their perspectives in our decision-making process. 

Through the Council our customers and stakeholders will have a voice on projects, initiatives or issues that interest them.

And, creating positive, genuine relationships with our customers and stakeholders will help us to deliver on our strategy as we navigate the energy transformation. 

Meeting 1 - Friday 10 February

Presentation (PDF 2.7MB)

Minutes (PDF 169.7KB)

Meeting 2 - Wednesday 7 June 

Minutes (PDF 247KB)