Renewable energy

solar and wind energy

CS Energy buys wind and solar energy from projects in Queensland to support the requirements of our large commercial and industrial customers. We firm this renewables output with energy from own traditional thermal generation assets.

columboola solar farm

In FY2020 we signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for 100 per cent of the output of Hana Investment's 162 MW Columboola Solar Farm.

The solar farm is being constructed near Miles in the Western Downs and will feature solar technology such as bifacial panels that absorb light from both the front and the back, and single axis trackers that follow the sun.

We'll onsell the solar energy to our customers Griffith University, CQUniversity and QUT.

Columboola Solar Farm artist\


Warwick Solar Farm


Warwick Solar Farm

In early FY2021 we signed an offtake agreement to purchase a proportion of the renewable energy produced at the University of Queensland’s 64 MW Warwick Solar Farm.

We're passing the benefit of this renewable energy from the solar farm on to our Queensland Government customers, as part of our energy supply agreement with large Queensland Government sites. We're also supporting UQ’s energy ambitions through providing retail administration and hedging services. 


Hughenden Solar Farm

We have a PPA with BayWA r.e. for a portion of the electricity and Large Generation Certificates from its Hughenden Solar Farm.

The 20 MW Hughenden Solar Farm is located on the outskirts of Hughenden in North West Queensland and has been operational since 2018. 

We'll supply the renewable energy to our large commercial and industrial customers in Queensland.




Solar energy


Moura Solar Farm

Esco Pacific's Moura Solar Farm is a 110 MW project located 6.5km south west of the township of Banana in Central Queensland.

CS Energy will purchase 70 per cent of the output of this development, which will be constructed in 2021. The 56 MW of generation contracted to CS Energy from this facility has been onsold to a large industrial customer.


Kennedy Energy Park

We have an offtake agreement for 100 per cent of the output of the 60 MW Kennedy Energy Park in Far North Queensland.

Kennedy Energy Park comprises a 15 MW solar photovoltaic plant, 43.2 MW wind plant and 2 MW/4 MWh of battery storage and was developed by Windlab and Eurus Energy Holdings.

As part of our off-take agreement we will also purchase a proportion of the large-scale generation certificates from Kennedy Energy Park.


Kennedy Energy Park