Kogan Renewable Hydrogen Demonstration Plant

Clean energy hubs

CS Energy is creating clean energy hubs at our power stations to deliver the energy mix needed to reliably transition the grid to renewable energy while also providing opportunities for our workforce to reskill.

Our coal-fired power stations are located in strong parts of the network and have strategic advantages such as highly skilled workers, grid connection, water allocations, available land and established community relationships.

Converting publicly-owned coal-fired stations into clean energy hubs by 2035 is a key element of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan.

Kogan Clean Energy Hub

 Our first, and most advanced, energy hub is the Kogan Clean Energy Hub in Queensland's Western Downs. Co-located with the Kogan Creek Power Station, the hub currently has three projects:

  • The Chinchilla Battery - a 100MW/200MWh grid-scale battery that is currently being commissioned.
  • A hydrogen demonstration plant - construction is underway on this renewable hydrogen production facility that will be powered by behind-the-meter solar energy.
  • The hydrogen-ready Brigalow Peaking Power Plant - this project will have a capacity of up to 400 MW and is in the planning and development approvals phase.

Kogan Clean Energy Hub
Image: An artist's impression of the Kogan Clean Energy Hub, which is co-located with the Kogan Creek Power Station.

Learn more about our plans for the Kogan Clean Energy Hub in this video.


Callide Clean Energy Hub

CS Energy will establish a clean energy hub at Callide Power Station and is currently working with our people to create a vision for Callide’s future that can be the starting point for further study, investigation, and consultation.