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Brady McMillan has held many roles since he started working at CS Energy in 2010 as a contractor in the Health and Safety department, taking advantage of the various learning and development opportunities available to him to progress his career while constantly learning.

“I have always been attracted to positions I can learn from, and I have a general desire to learn and expand my knowledge in practical areas of process and power generation,” he said.

“The positions I’ve filled in my time at CS Energy have become available due to personnel leaving or standard intakes such as apprenticeships and traineeships.”

After he started, Brady became a Health and Safety Cadet, a three year term position which saw him working with the health and safety team while being required to complete his Bachelor in Health and Safety. He completed this in 2013 and worked in various health and safety positions until 2017 when he transitioned into an Electrical and Instrumentation Apprenticeship.

“Initially I intended to stay in health and safety and progress down that career path before deciding that journey was not for me,” he said.

“After completing my apprenticeship in 2021 I took on a Senior Tradesperson role and then a Callide Electrical Maintenance (CEM) Supervisor role.”

In July 2023, Brady became one of five internal trainees learning to become Plant Operators.

Callide trainee operators

“The current training is expanding my overall knowledge of power generation and how each smaller process within the plant all contributes to supplying a reliable power source for the grid.

“It’s been great, the personnel from the operations team running us through our modules have a great deal of knowledge that they are happy to pass on to us. And it’s been great to be involved with such a keen group of people from different backgrounds in the business, sharing our different maintenance experiences and learning off each other throughout the traineeship.

“I am learning a vast range of processes within our industry that I have walked past for years and not fully understood.”

Brady said CS Energy provides opportunities for employees to stretch their capabilities and expand their skills, which he has tried to pursue over the years, providing value back to the business in return.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my trade and enjoy working on the tools; however, still want to pursue more learning opportunities,” he said.

“I am lucky enough to say I have worked with many great managers and colleagues here over the years who have always been supportive of employee progression and pursuing new learning opportunities.

“I hope this current training allows me to progress into the operations team as a competent, confident operator in the future.”