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The Energy Charter

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CS Energy is proud to be a foundation signatory to the Energy Charter - a whole-of-sector initiative to achieve a more affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system for all Australians. 

Businesses from across the energy supply chain have committed to the Energy Charter, to progress the culture and solutions required to deliver energy in line with community expectations.

The Energy Charter principles

  1. Will will put customers at the centre of our business and the energy system.
  2. We will improve energy affordability for customers.
  3. We will provide energy safely, sustainably and reliably.
  4. We will improve the customer experience.
  5. We will support customers facing vulnerable circumstances.


Our journey

Each year, Energy Charter signatories will publish disclosure reports about how they are progressing against the five principles.

CS Energy acknowledges that we are at the start of the journey to create a more customer-focused culture in our business.

Customer behaviour is reshaping the energy market and energy companies across the supply chain have become more dynamic and customer-focussed in response. Our strategy recognises this transition and the central role of the customer.

We are transforming CS Energy from a wholesale electricity generator to a diversified energy company. This transition will take time, but we are excited about the future and what it all means for the long-term sustainability of the business.

Read our disclosure reports: