Kogan Creek Power Station

Kogan Creek Power Station

Fast facts

Capacity: 750 MW
Fuel: Black coal
Location: Kogan Creek, near Chinchilla in South West Queensland
Employees: 111

Kogan Creek Power Station is one of Australia’s most efficient and technically advanced coal-fired power stations. Commissioned in 2007, it contains the largest single generating unit in Australia and has one of the lowest environmental impacts of any coal-fired power station nationwide. 

As a supercritical station Kogan Creek’s boiler operates at a much higher pressure and temperature than conventional coal-fired power stations. This means it converts each unit of fuel into more energy – it’s a very efficient way to produce electricity. 

Kogan Creek Power Station is also very water efficient, because it uses dry cooling technology and sources the limited water it does require from bores.

Located in the western Darling Downs near Chinchilla in Queensland, Kogan Creek Power Station can generate up to 750 megawatts of baseload electricity – enough to power one million Australian homes. 

How electricity is generated at Kogan Creek

Here is a simple explanation of how electricity is generated at Kogan Creek. 

  1. Coal is ground to a fine powder and ignited.
  2. The heat from the fire is directed to a boiler. The boiler contains many thin steel tubes filled with water. Heat converts the water in the tubes into steam.
  3. This extremely hot steam is pumped at high pressure into a turbine, which is basically a giant fan.
  4. The turbine spins the generator. The movement causes a powerful electromagnet within the generator to create electrons.
  5. The electrons produce an electrical current. Electricity is then transported out of the power station via transmission lines.
  6. Steam is cooled and condensed back to water for reuse.
  7. Ash from the coal is safely discharged to the mine site.

Working at Kogan Creek

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Kogan Creek Mine

CS Energy also owns the neighbouring Kogan Creek Mine, which supplies black coal to the power station via a four kilometre overland conveyor belt and is operated by Golding Contractors. Kogan Creek Mine supplies more than two million tonnes of coal to the power station each year. 

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