Callide Power Station

Callide Power Station

Fast facts 

Capacity: 1,525 MW
Fuel: Black coal
Location: Biloela, Central Queensland
Employees: 260 

Callide Power Station uses coal-fired power generation to supply baseload electricity to the national grid via its two sites: Callide B and Callide C. 

The 700 megawatt Callide B Power Station was commissioned in 1988 and since then has continued to supply electricity to our national market. 

In 2001 Callide C Power Station was commissioned, which CS Energy owns Callide C in a 50/50 joint venture with InterGen. Callide C was the first supercritical coal-fired power station in Australia and has a capacity of 825 MW.

How electricity is generated at callide

Learn about the coal-fired power generation process and Callide's key specifications in the Electricity generation at Callide Power Station fact sheet (PDF 125.8KB).


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Callide oxyfuel project

CS Energy also owns the Callide A Power Station, which was originally constructed in 1965. Callide A was the site of the Callide Oxyfuel Project, which was decommissioned in FY2016 following a successful two-year demonstration of carbon capture technology. 

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