Wivenhoe Power Station from above

Wivenhoe overhaul finishes early and under budget

06 Jul 2018

The $11.8 million major overhaul of Unit 2 at CS Energy’s Wivenhoe Power Station has finished ahead of schedule and under budget.

Originally scheduled for 92 days from 3 April – 3 July, the unit was returned to service and available for commercial use on 26 June.

More than 54,300 hours were worked on the overhaul by CS Energy employees and contractors MHPS, Cleanaway, McElligotts, and In Place Machining.

The overhaul had a peak workforce of 120 people on site, which comprises the power station’s permanent workforce of 11 and more than 100 contractors.

The overhaul included statutory maintenance, sandblasting and repairs to the pump suction conduit and turbine spiral casing.

A further $3.08 million was allocated for the refurbishment of the guard gate at Wivenhoe’s upper reservoir Splityard Creek Dam.

Wivenhoe has two generating units with a combined capacity of 570-megawatts and is the only pumped storage hydroelectric plant in Queensland.

The peaking power station performs a valuable role providing fast response power during high electricity demand periods.

Painting of Wivenhoe Unit 2 internals

Above: McElligotts painted the internals of the Unit 2 Spiral Casing and Pump Suction Conduit.