Callide Power Station

Update on Callide Unit C4 partial return to service

21 Jun 2024

The Callide C Power Station joint venture (JV) has provided an update to the market today about Unit C4’s return to service.

We have revised Unit C4’s partial return to service date to 22 July (previously 30 June). The date for the unit reaching full capacity remains at 31 July.

CS Energy CEO Darren Busine said the change in date was to account for the availability of specialists, and to allow extra time for testing and managing emergent work during the recommissioning of the unit.

“We are being extra diligent and taking all necessary precautions in returning C4 to service – the safety of our people and plant is our priority,” Mr Busine said.

“The change in C4’s return to service date is unrelated to the rebuild of its new cooling tower, which remains on schedule.

“However, the work happening in parallel to recommission Unit C4 has been impacted by the availability of overseas based specialists needed to perform critical work, and additional work that has emerged during the recommissioning process.

“We will return the unit in a staged manner, bringing it online at partial capacity on 22 July and then carry out further testing before gradually returning it to full capacity.”

Mr Busine said the project to re-construct Callide C’s cooling towers and reinstate its two units had been one of the most complex of its kind undertaken in this country in the past 20 years.

“The team at Callide has been put in an extraordinary effort to safely manage a technically and logistically challenging project.”

Callide Power Station is comprised of two power plants, Callide B and C, each with two generating units (B1 and B2, C3 and C4).

Three of Callide’s four generating units are operational – units B1, B2 and C3 are all generating electricity. Unit C3 was returned to service on 1 April and reached full capacity on 16 April.

Callide C4 cooling tower construction
Image: Construction of the C4 cooling tower (foreground) with the new C3 cooling tower operating in the background.


CS Energy owns Callide C in a 50/50 joint venture with IG Power. CS Energy operates Callide C on behalf of the JV.

CS Energy owns 100 per cent of the neighbouring Callide B Power Station.