Callide C Power Station

Update on Callide Unit C3 return to service

23 Mar 2024

UPDATE (1/4/2024) - Unit C3 has returned to service.

The Callide C Power Station joint venture (JV) informed the market today of a minor change in the return to service of Unit C3 from 31 March 2024 to 7 April 2024.

The rebuild of the new Unit C3 cooling tower is nearing completion and re-commissioning of the C3 generator is underway.

The change in the return to service date is required to allow time to address minor equipment issues which have arisen during the re-commissioning process of C3. It is not unusual for issues to arise when a generating unit is returned to service after an overhaul or outage.

Once Unit C3 is back online, the unit will be closely monitored before safely and methodically returning to full capacity in a staged manner in the succeeding days.

Callide C return to service

Unit Previous Current
Unit C3 (offline since 31/10/2022) 31 March 2024 (466 MW - full capacity) 7 April (200 MW)
11 April (466 MW - full capacity)
Unit C4 (offline since 25/5/2021)  30 June 2024 (210 MW)
31 July 2024 (420 MW - full capacity)
No change

Note: Callide Unit C3 has a capacity of 424 MW, with an overload capacity of 466 MW if required by the market. The new C4 unit has a similar design capacity but must complete relevant testing during recommissioning before it can be registered with an overload of 466 MW.


CS Energy (through its subsidiary Callide Energy Pty Limited) owns Callide C in a joint venture (JV) with IG Power, and operates Callide C on behalf of the JV.