Callide C Power Station

Update on Callide Unit C3 partial return to servce

13 Feb 2024

The Callide C Power Station joint venture (JV) has provided an update to the market this morning about Unit C3’s return to service.

Unit C3 remains on track to return to its full capacity at the end of March however we have removed its partial return to service that was previously scheduled for the end of February.

Unit C3 has been in ‘preservation mode’ while the C3 cooling tower is being rebuilt. Throughout this time a regular inspection and maintenance program has been occurring to ensure the power station’s plant and equipment remain in good working condition to enable return to service.

This inspection program has detected carbon dust in the C3 generator which has arisen during the preservation process. To ensure safety in the return to service of the unit, the JV has made the prudent decision to fully inspect and clean the generator which will impact the return to service for partial load.

This change in return to service for C3 is unrelated to the rebuild of the cooling towers, which remains on schedule.

The dates for Unit C4’s return to service have not changed.

CS Energy is committed to the safe return to service of the joint venture-owned Callide C Power Station to support Queenslanders’ power needs and the National Electricity Market in 2024.

Callide C return to service

Unit Previous Current
Unit C3 (offline since 31/10/2022) 29 Feb 2024 (200 MW)
31 March 2024 (466 MW - full capacity)
31 March 2024 (466 MW - full capacity)
Unit C4 (offline since 25/5/2021)  30 June 2024 (210 MW)
31 July 2024 (420 MW - full capacity)

Note: Callide Unit C3 has a capacity of 424 MW, with an overload capacity of 466 MW if required by the market. The new C4 unit has a similar design capacity but must complete relevant testing during recommissioning before it can be registered with an overload of 466 MW.


CS Energy (through its subsidiary Callide Energy Pty Limited) owns Callide C in a joint venture (JV) with IG Power, and operates Callide C on behalf of the JV.