Callide Power Station

Statement on CS Energy plant availability

13 Jun 2022


CS Energy is dispatching all of its units that are available to run into the National Electricity Market to support security of supply.

CEO Andrew Bills said any decision to take a generating unit offline for maintenance was not taken lightly and that it strived to minimise plant downtime.

“Notwithstanding the work being undertaken to reinstate Callide Power Station Unit C4, we have two generators offline – Callide units B2 and C3,” Mr Bills said.

“Unit B2 is having a $20 million planned overhaul and is due back online in July while Unit C3 has been offline since last Friday to fix an inverter issue and will come back online later this week.

“Our highest priority is the safety of our people and our plant, and this maintenance could not be deferred.

“CS Energy is committed to being a responsible market participant and complying with all market instructions.”