Wivenhoe Power Station

New lease of life for giant gates at Wivenhoe

08 Mar 2018

Four massive bulk head gates were reinstalled at CS Energy’s Wivenhoe Power Station recently in a meticulously planned operation involving two cranes and a convoy of semi-trailers.

The 46 tonne steel gates had been refurbished over the last two months as part of a $1.1 million project to restore them to near new condition.

Site Manager Darren Kendrick said the gates performed a critical safety role during overhauls by isolating key areas of the power station to enable workers to safely carry out inspections and maintenance.

“As Wivenhoe is a pumped storage hydroelectric plant, we need to drain and isolate areas of the power station before people can do maintenance in there,” Mr Kendrick said. 

“During overhauls, these gates slide down from their position above the power station tail bay to temporarily block water flow at our main intake and discharge points for Lake Wivenhoe.”

The gates were removed for refurbishment in December 2017 and carefully transported back to the power station using eight semi-trailers for the gates and counterweights required for their reinstallation.

On arrival at the power station car park, two cranes were used to lift and reinstall the gates one at a time. 

Mr Kendrick said the refurbished gates would be used during the upcoming overhaul of Unit at 2 at Wivenhoe Power Station from April to July this year.

“Wivenhoe Power Station has a design life of 100 years, so regular overhauls and maintenance will keep it operating in peak condition and providing electricity for many years to come.”

Wivenhoe bulk head gates reinstallation