Callide Power Station

Plant outage at Callide Power Station

25 May 2021

CS Energy has immediately acted following an incident at Callide Power Station near Biloela in Central Queensland today.

At approximately 1.45pm today, a fire occurred in one of the turbine halls at the power station. As a result, the three units that were generating at the time went offline.

We immediately evacuated the power station and called emergency services to attend site.

At this stage, there are no reported injuries.

We are investigating the incident and will provide further updates as they become available.

Callide Power Station is comprised of two power plants, Callide B and C, each with two generating units, and has a permanent workforce of 260 employees. CS Energy owns 100 per cent of Callide B and owns Callide C in a 50/50 joint venture with InterGen.