Kogan Creek DC charger

CS Energy turns the switch on electric vehicle fast charger

03 Nov 2020

Employees using electric vehicles (EVs) to drive to CS Energy’s Kogan Creek Power Station can now charge up in less than two hours on-site at the power station.

A direct current (DC) electric vehicle charger at Kogan Creek has been successfully commissioned and is ready for use.

The 25 kilowatt fast charger will facilitate the use of CS Energy’s leased EV to and from Kogan Creek, making ‘range anxiety’ a thing of the past. The charger can also be used by other electric vehicles that have permission to drive on site.

Head of Future Energy Emma Roberts said the Kogan Creek fast charger followed the installation of an AC charger in CS Energy’s Brisbane Office car park earlier this year.

“Over the past year CS Energy has embraced EV charging technology – both by offering it to our customers and having our own charging infrastructure,” Ms Roberts said.

CS Energy’s Future Energy, Projects and Kogan Creek Electrical Maintenance teams worked together to make the charger a reality.

Kogan Creek DC charger
Employees from CS Energy’s Brisbane Office and Kogan Creek Power Station were involved in the installation of the charger.

CS Energy chose a DC charger for the project because they provide faster and more efficient charging of EVs, which is particularly important when driving longer distances.

DC chargers are what you will find at most fast charging public charging facilities. Alternating current (AC) chargers are more commonly used in residential, fleet and inner-city locations and take longer to fully charge an EV.

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