Kogan Creek Power Station

CS Energy’s greenhouse emissions in FY2020

25 Feb 2021

CS Energy’s greenhouse gas emissions decreased by approximately 15 per cent in FY2020, consistent with a decrease in electricity production that was largely due to a significant overhaul program.

As reported in recently released data from the Clean Energy Regulator, CS Energy generated 14,658 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity in FY2020, down from 17,373 GWh in FY2019.

CS Energy CEO Andrew Bills said the company’s greenhouse emissions intensity shifted slightly each year depending on coal quality, electricity output and the mix of our generation fleet in service.

“In FY2020 we invested $147 million in overhauls and capital projects at our Kogan Creek and Callide power stations,” Mr Bills said.

“Overhauls involve taking a generating unit offline for approximately two months for inspections, repairs and upgrades.

“While the overhauls were underway, the remainder of our portfolio continued to provide reliable and competitively priced electricity for Queensland.”

Mr Bills said CS Energy’s coal-fired power stations continued to play an important role in providing energy security as the economy transitions to a greater use of renewable energy.

“CS Energy is responding to this energy transition. We recently invested $4.5 million in the Callide B1 generating unit to enable it to operate more flexibly in response to the changing market.

“We are diversifying our portfolio with renewable energy offtakes to support the requirements of our large commercial and industrial customers.

“We are also exploring opportunities in renewable hydrogen, through our feasibility study with IHI into a hydrogen demonstration plant at Kogan Creek Power Station, and our involvement in QUT’s Redlands hydrogen project.”

CS Energy owns and operates the Kogan Creek and Callide B power stations, and owns Callide C power station in a 50:50 joint venture with InterGen.

Note: Both CS Energy’s and InterGen’s NGERS reported data includes 100 per cent of Callide C Power Station generation.