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CS Energy has offered competitive power prices to Boyne Smelter

19 Jan 2017

Pacific Aluminium’s decision to temporarily lower production and reduce the size of the workforce at their Boyne Island aluminium smelter could have been avoided, CS Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Martin Moore said today.

“CS Energy has made numerous and very competitive offers to meet Boyne Island aluminium smelter’s additional load requirements,” Mr Moore said.

“But Pacific Aluminium chose not to accept our offers and instead left itself exposed to the volatile spot electricity market.

“This current situation could have been avoided if Pacific Aluminium had chosen to accept one of our very competitive long-term offers,” he said.

Mr Moore said that CS Energy remains open to negotiate a long-term contract with Pacific Aluminium for their additional load requirements.

“CS Energy is ready and willing to meet with Pacific Aluminium to negotiate a commercially sensible agreement that meets the needs of both parties,” he said. 

“It’s important to remember that Pacific Aluminium already gets favourable prices for 85 per cent of the Boyne Island smelter’s electricity needs through the Gladstone Power Station Interconnection and Power Pooling Agreement.”

“We are happy to sit down and negotiate in good faith for a contract to supply the additional 15 per cent,” Mr Moore said.