Callide C3 generator

Callide overhaul works captured on time lapse

24 Feb 2020

The recent $70 million major overhaul of Callide Power Station’s Unit C3 included a turbine upgrade to increase its capacity by 15 megawatts to 420 MW. That’s enough to power an extra 20,000 homes!

This overhaul was one of the biggest at Callide in recent years and created work for more than 300 short-term contractors. Over almost two months, contractors and CS Energy employees worked more than 200,000 hours to ensure Unit C3 continues to operate safely, reliably and efficiently.

Take an inside look at what’s involved in a power station overhaul in the time lapse video of the C3 overhaul below. Thank you to our major contractors on the Unit C3 overhaul – Downer Group, GE and Intertek.