Columboola Solar Farm artist's impression

Securing sunshine - Columboola Solar Farm agreement

03 Sep 2020
  • Renewable energy
  • Customers
We are excited to have signed a long-term contract with the Columboola Solar Farm in Queensland to add more renewables to our energy portfolio, drive forward energy investment in Queensland, and power the equivalent of 100,000 homes.

The 162-megawatt Columboola Solar Farm will deliver power to CS Energy’s large commercial and industrial customers, including major employers such as Griffith University, CQUniversity and QUT.

Columboola will draw on numerous innovations to ensure efficient land use, such as bifacial panels that absorb light from both the front and back and single-axis trackers that follow the sun throughout the day.

CS Energy is focused on investing for Queensland’s future and has recently invested in offtakes for several renewable energy projects across the state as we look to build a stable and sustainable energy grid for the future. While established power plants will have an important role to play for years to come, we’re excited about the role we’re playing to help transition Queensland’s power grid to at least 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

Our contract with the Columboola Solar Farm is just one piece of the puzzle to guarantee affordable and reliable power to Queenslanders, and we’re incredibly proud to be supporting this great project.