Hydrogen molecule

Hydrogen set to do the heavy lifting on Aussie roads

17 Nov 2021
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Green hydrogen is a truly exciting opportunity for Queensland.

The technology holds great promise for a variety of industry sectors, not least because of the economics of its use compared to existing fuels.

Hydrogen has been heralded as a “future energy” source for industries that have traditionally presented a greater challenge when it comes to decarbonisation.

These industries include the heavy transport operators that move goods across our vast land and provide the vital connections to our cities and ports.

With Australia’s great distances and reliance on our truck fleet to move goods, it is no surprise that heavy transport – like electricity – represents a real opportunity for our nascent hydrogen industry.

According to recent studies, the use of hydrogen to fuel high utilisation heavy transport has the best potential to achieving cost parity compared to petroleum fuel sources currently in use.

In other words, the switch to hydrogen does not necessarily come with the same “cost of change” as other potential energy sources.


As a future-focused and diversified energy business and a leader in delivering new energy solutions, CS Energy is making significant investments into research and development of hydrogen and focussing on the domestic heavy transport and haulage market as a valuable opportunity for Australia.

Discussions are well advanced with multiple potential offtakers in the Queensland heavy transport sector, using the Kogan Renewable Hydrogen Demonstration Plant.

As part of our commitment to delivering the Energy of Tomorrow, CS Energy is also investigating technology and location options for modular hydrogen refuelling stations in the South East Queensland and Western Downs freight corridor.