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Alinta Energy and CS Energy help South East Queenslanders save on energy bills

13 Aug 2017

South East Queenslanders shopping around for a better electricity deal will have more choice from Monday 14 August with Alinta Energy launching a new market-leading offer, with 25% off electricity usage rates for 24 months1 when paid on time and in full.

Alinta Energy and CS Energy have formed a 50/50 joint venture to supply electricity to residential and small commercial and industrial customers within the Energex Distribution Area. CS Energy will provide wholesale electricity to the joint venture and Alinta Energy will manage the retail business on behalf of the joint venture parties.

Executive Director Retail Markets, Jim Galvin, said Alinta Energy is looking to establish a strong presence in South East Queensland.

“We are saying to energy consumers in South East Queensland; if you’re sick of increasing prices, if you feel you’ve been paying too much and if you’re tired of waiting for existing energy providers to do something about it, then now is your chance to ‘Flick them’ and save,” Mr Galvin said.

“With retail tariffs in Queensland increasing by between 4% to 18% in July this year, our market leading offer of 25% off electricity usage rates for 24 months means an average residential customer, on a reference tariff from one of the major retailers, will be able to save up to $3502 with Alinta Energy.

“We know that cheaper energy costs make a difference to local families, local business and the community and we think the energy consumers in South East Queensland deserve a better go!” 

CS Energy Chief Executive Officer Martin Moore said CS Energy looked forward to working with Alinta Energy to deliver great service and savings for the people of South East Queensland. 

“Alinta Energy is an experienced retailer with a track record of providing excellent customer service across Australia,” Mr Moore said. 

“CS Energy is confident that our arrangement with Alinta Energy will increase competition and this should put downward pressure on retail power prices in South East Queensland. 

“For CS Energy, this joint venture is also an opportunity to diversify our business so that we remain competitive in Australia’s rapidly changing energy market.”

Mr Galvin backed Alinta Energy’s ability to provide the best range of services and pricing. 

“With Alinta Energy’s offer you could enjoy two years of discounts plus it also comes with the added benefit of no lock in contract and no exit fees,” Mr Galvin said.

“We are also offering a solar feed-in tariff of 11 cents. When coupled with the 25% energy discount, we are delivering the strongest offer in the Queensland market because we think customers deserve a better deal, so call us or visit to find out how much you can save.

“We look forward to working with CS Energy to deliver savings for the local community and rapidly growing our presence in South East Queensland to 250,000 customers in the next few years. 

Our market entry will also provide around 100 jobs in Queensland.”

Alinta Energy is an experienced retailer with a proven track record in competitive energy markets, with 800,000 customers across Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. 

About our offer for South East Queensland:

  • New market-leading offer, with 25% off electricity usage charges for 24 months when paid on time and in full1
  • 24 month benefit period, no lock in contract and no exit fees
  • Solar feed-in tariff of 11 cents
  • Strongest offer in the Queensland market: solar feed-in tariff coupled with the 25% discount off electricity usage charges
  • Customers in the Energex Distribution Area can visit to connect and take immediate advantage of this very attractive offer.


  1. Rates are based on Alinta Energy’s standing tariffs which are subject to change.
  2. Annual savings per average household (consuming 5.8 MWh/pa) are based on Alinta Energy’s standing tariffs with conditional discount applicable to Alinta Energy’s Home SaverPlus 25 and standing tariffs for AGL and Origin effective 1st July respectively. Savings are indicative only and individual usage may vary.