Engineer profile: Toyin Ayodeji

Toyin Ayodeji is a Civil Engineer who works at CS Energy’s Brisbane Office. She is currently acting in the role of Asset Engineer Infrastructure, where she is responsible for whole-of-life plans for civil infrastructure at CS Energy’s power stations, such as ash dams, storage ponds and roads.

What interested you about a career in engineering?

The subjects that I easily understood and enjoyed in high school where ones that led to a career in engineering. Also, my dad is a civil engineer and he led me to recognise that civil engineers directly impact people’s lives because they provide solutions to the everyday needs of society. 

New Kogan Creek ash storage
Above: In her substantive role as Project Lead, Toyin (fourth from right) oversaw the construction of a new ash storage facility for Kogan Creek Power Station in 2019.

Are there any hurdles that you have faced to pursue your career in engineering?

Early in my career it was hard to find the right work experience as there were very few internship programs available. And when my children were young it limited my ability to travel for work and gain the experience required to quickly progress in my career.

What words of encouragement would you give to young women interested in a career in engineering?

A career in engineering can be very rewarding intellectually and financially. There is vast opportunity for continuous self-development and learning new things. There is also the satisfaction from solving problems using established engineering principles as well as your creativity and resourcefulness.

A career in engineering can literally take you places as many engineering jobs advertised in Australia provide the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures.