Being a good neighbour

Managing the impact of our operations

At CS Energy, we recognise that our operations are adjacent to rural residential properties and, as a part of the local community, we continually strive to form and strengthen our relationships with our neighbours through regular communication and consideration of their lifestyle.

We continually endeavour to be a “good neighbour” by constantly assessing the impact of our operations on the community, ensuring that we are operating within the bounds of our environmental licences. As a good neighbour we ensure that we maintain common boundary fences, manage vegetation and weed control, water discharge, fire control, wild animals, noise and dust.

Where appropriate, we lease buffer lands and other properties for productive rural use. CS Energy requires that all lessees maintain appropriate fire, weed and pest management.

Our power station managers are responsible for maintaining strong relationships with our neighbours and make themselves readily available to discuss all matters of concern directly with our neighbours. They also ensure that all employees display the attributes of a good neighbour. Our employees make certain that all concerns raised by our neighbours or local community are communicated to the power station manager.

We acknowledge that the success of our operations rely on a good relationship with our neighbours and the local community where our employees also live. We are constantly improving our “good neighbour” approach striving to become “great neighbours” built on a reputation of friendship and trust.