Callide Power Station

The Callide Power Station is situated 18 kilometres east of Biloela in central Queensland and uses coal-fired power generation to supply baseload electricity to Australia’s national grid. Callide Power Station is comprised of Callide A, B and the Callide Power Plant (Callide C).

Callide A, originally constructed in 1965, was refurbished and recommissioned in April 1998, and is now the site of the Callide Oxyfuel Project – a world leading low emissions coal demonstration project.

Callide B Power Station was commissioned in 1988 and continues to supply reliable electricity to Australia’s national market.

The 810-megawatt (MW) Callide Power Plant (Callide C) was commissioned in 2001, doubling the generating capacity of the Callide site. Callide C was the first supercritical coal-fired power station in Australia. CS Energy owns Callide C in a 50/50 joint venture arrangement with InterGen.

Together Callide A, B and C can generate up to 1,630 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power about 2 million homes.

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