Rising energy demands are certain. The future of our environment is not.

Over 80 percent of the world's energy is derived from fossil fuels. They've long been an affordable, safe and reliable source of energy, but traditional technologies need to evolve if we hope to reduce the environmental impact of global energy production.

We can't expect the world to reduce its reliance on energy, and in fact, global demand is expected to grow.

What we can do is develop smarter, cleaner ways to produce the energy we need for an energy hungry world.

That's why we're leading the way in the development of clean energy technologies and continually working to reduce the environmental impact of our existing opera- tions.

CS Energy is committed to best practice environmental performance.

Climate change

We commit considerable resources to the research and development of low-emission and renewable energy technologies.

Environmental responsibility

We believe the careful management of our environmental responsibilities is vital to our long term business success.

Our Commitments

CS Energy is committed to responsible and best practice performance.