Callide cooling tower

Industry structure

Turn on your computer, lights, air-conditioning, television and electricity arrives instantly. However, delivering electricity doesn’t “just happen”.

There are teams of people working in Australia’s energy industry to deliver electricity to your home or business safely and reliably.

Our role in the electricity industry

In simple terms, here is the role CS Energy plays in that process.

The electricity supply chain starts at power stations, where electricity is generated a number of ways: coal, gas, or renewable sources.

As a generation company, this is where CS Energy fits in – we produce approximately 10 percent of the electricity that’s sent out in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

The power we generate is transported via high voltage transmission lines that run for long distances. This high voltage electricity is transformed into lower voltages at substations, or supplied directly to industrial customers like aluminium smelters and mines.

From substations, electricity is distributed to your home via the poles and wires that run along your street. Retail companies then sell you electricity.