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Retail market

CS Energy and Alinta Energy have a 50/50 joint venture agreement to provide electricity to homes and businesses in South East Queensland.

We formed the joint venture with Alinta Energy in 2017 to offer South East Queenslanders more choice when it comes to choosing a retail electricity provider.

Under the agreement we generate and supply wholesale electricity, and Alinta manages the retail business. 

Fast facts

About CS Energy's retail joint venture with Alinta Energy.

  • Powering more than 100,000 homes in South East Queensland.
  • Is available to: households and businesses that use under 100 MWh per annum.
  • Location: Energex Distribution Area, South East Queensland.

A competitive business for a changing market

As a Government Owned Corporation, CS Energy has a responsibility to deliver value for our shareholders, and the people of Queensland. Diversifying our business into the retail market through our agreement with Alinta Energy is just one step we’re taking to make sure we remain competitive in Australia’s rapidly changing energy market.

Alinta Energy is an experienced retailer, with a track record of providing excellent customer service. We’re confident our arrangement with Alinta Energy will continue to increase competition and put downward pressure on retail power prices in South East Queensland.

A recent independent report from the Queensland Competition Authority showed Alinta Energy provided the cheapest market offer for residential customers in South East Queensland in the December 2017 quarter. In addition, Alinta is a Canstar Blue winner for customer satisfaction – the only energy retailer who achieved a five-star review in 2017.

Outside the south east corner, Ergon Energy is the only retailer and the Queensland Government provides subsidies for consumers in these areas.

Interested in switching to Alinta Energy?

Alinta are currently offering new customers a 28 percent discount of electricity rates for 24 months when your bill is paid on time and in full.

If you live in the Energex distribution area and are interested in switching to Alinta Energy, go to or contact Alinta Energy by phone on 13 37 02.