Wivenhoe Power Station

Wivenhoe Power Station

Fast facts

Capacity: 570 MW for 10 hours
Fuel:Pumped storage hydroelectric
Location: Wivenhoe Pocket, South East Queensland
Employees: 13

Wivenhoe Power Station is Queensland’s only pumped storage hydroelectric plant. Its two 285 megawatt units are the largest hydro machines in Australia. Each generating unit when in operation weighs 1,450 tonnes, spinning at 150 revolutions per minute.

Wivenhoe Power Station was transferred to CS Energy’s asset portfolio on 1 July 2011 as a result of the Queensland Government’s Generator Restructure.

Commissioned in 1984, Wivenhoe Power Station has an expected life of up to 100 years and has 13 onsite employees.

How electricity is generated at Wivenhoe

Hydroelectricity uses the force of falling water to power spinning turbines. The volume of the falling water and the distance it falls influences how much electricity can be produced. 

As a pumped storage hydroelectric plant Wivenhoe operates like a giant rechargeable battery. Water is cycled between upper reservoir Splityard Creek Dam and lower reservoir Wivenhoe Dam. 

Here is a simple explanation of how electricity is generated at Wivenhoe.

  1. Water is pumped from Lake Wivenhoe uphill Splityard Creek Dam.
  2. The water is stored in Splityard Creek Dam until it is needed. When required, water is pumped from Splityard Creek Dam downhill through tunnels.
  3. The water flows through the turbine, which rotates.
  4. The rotation of the turbine spins a powerful electromagnet, which creates electricity.
  5. Electricity is then increased in volts through a transformer and transported from the power station via transmission lines.
  6. Water flows back to Lake Wivenhoe, ready to be used again.

Matt Ruhle 

working aT WIVENHOE

“I joined CS Energy in October 2017 and have really enjoyed the variety of work and getting to know the team.

"I love the location of Wivenhoe; the views are magnificent and it’s close to home. I’ve fished this dam ever since I was a little boy.” 

Matt Ruhl
Senior Electrical Tradesperson
Wivenhoe Power Station

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