Kogan turbine hall

Generating Energy

CS Energy generates electricity from coal-fired power stations and a pumped storage hydro generator. 

Electricity demand is dynamic and reflects how we live and work. Power demand peaks as we switch on appliances when we wake up in the morning, or return home from work at night. In tropical Queensland weather plays a huge part in our electricity demand patterns. Heavy air conditioner use in hot summer days is a contributor to seasonal peak electricity demand in Queensland. 

We meet demand for electricity in Queensland with our mix of baseload and peaking power generation.

Baseload power is described as continuous load – power that is always on. Our baseload power stations are the coal-fired Callide and Kogan Creek.

Our peaking generator is the Wivenhoe pumped storage hydroelectric power station. This technology is flexible and agile – easily able to come online from a quick start and inject energy into the market.