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Head of Strategy and Planning: Yatra Forudi

Yatra Forudi shared her insights on the clean energy transition and working in the energy sector when she was profiled in Work180's Women in Utilities in 2020.

Yatra Forudi 

In your experience, what are the benefits of working in utilities?

Utilities in the 2020s and beyond will be a fast-paced sector, as the energy world moves towards more renewables and becomes more digitised and customer-led. Working in utilities provides the unique opportunity to experience this transition first-hand and play a part in it, regardless of whether your role is technical, field or office-based.

What surprised you most about working in the utilities sector?

Utilities, including companies like CS Energy, are innovating every day to provide essential services in a rapidly changing energy landscape. While I was familiar with this change, what surprised me was the fast pace at which utilities need to continually adapt their day-to-day energy dispatch, maintenance and financial decisions in the face of a changing energy grid.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a woman looking to start her career in the utilities sector?

Think about where the utilities sector is right now and importantly, where it is going to be in the next few years and beyond, and make sure your selected pathway gives you the flexibility to progress with the transition of the sector.

What is the most exciting project you have worked on to-date and what are the three main skills you had to draw on to deliver it?

The refresh of CS Energy’s Strategy in 2019, which articulated CS Energy’s priorities in the new energy paradigm. I worked with team members, leaders and executives from across the business on this project, drawing on my skills of collaboration, project management and ability to draw succinct narratives from data sets.

How does your CS Energy contribute to the community and/or the environment?

CS Energy has a role to play in helping Australia transition towards a low carbon future. We have helped facilitate renewable energy development in Queensland through offtake agreements and work to continuously improve our environmental management practices. We’re also an active member of our local communities, providing sponsorship to not-for-profits and support measures during COVID-19.