Electricity in Australia

How CS Energy fits into Australia's electricity system

A Callide B turbine during an overhaul

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Ever wondered how Australia’s complex energy industry actually works? Here we’ll explain how electricity reaches your home or business, and where CS Energy fits into the process.

Here’s how it works:

CS Energy sells electricity into the wholesale national electricity market (NEM) from the Callide, Kogan Creek, Wivenhoe and Gladstone power stations. 

The diagram below outlines how electricity travels from a power station to arrive at homes and businesses and how it is bought and sold.


More information:

Queensland’s electricity transmission network
Powerlink Queensland transports high voltage electricity from power stations to local distribution networks, run by Energex in South East Queensland and Ergon Energy in regional Queensland.

Managing the NEM
For more information on the national electricity market, please visit the Australian Energy Market Operator website.