Water management

Using water wisely

The energy industry is heavily reliant on water, as it is a vital input to the electricity generation process.

CS Energy uses a combination of recycled, raw and town water at its power stations. We have water management strategies for each of our sites to ensure the sustainable and efficient use of this precious resource.

Our most water efficient plants are Kogan Creek and Wivenhoe power stations.

Dry cooling at Kogan Creek

Kogan Creek Power Station’s incorporation of dry cooling technology means it uses about one tenth of the water of a conventional wet-cooled power station.

The site’s air-cooled condenser (ACC) uses giant fans to cool and condense exhaust steam after it has left the turbine for reuse back into the electricity generation process.

The limited amount of water the power station does use is sourced from local bores.

Hydroelectric power at Wivenhoe

As a pumped storage hydroelectric power station, Wivenhoe Power Station is highly water efficient. This is because the power station works like a giant rechargeable battery by cycling water between an upper reservoir (Splityard Creek Dam) and lower reservoir (Wivenhoe Dam) to generate electricity.