Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project

Building a sustainable energy future.

Lifting a solar reflector panel into place at the Kogan Creek Solar Boost site

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Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project

The Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project will be the largest solar integration with a coal-fired power station in the world when it is operational in 2015. 

Construction is underway on the project, which involves the installation of a 44 megawatt solar thermal addition to the plant. The solar boost will increase the amount of electricity Kogan Creek Power Station generates by up to 44 megawatts during peak solar conditions – enough to power an additional 5,000 homes per year.  

It will work by using AREVA Solar’s Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector technology to supply additional steam to the turbine, supplementing the conventional coal-fired steam generation process.  

Funding for the project includes a $70 million contribution from CS Energy and a contribution of more than $34 million from the Australian Government. CS Energy has received support from the Queensland Government through a contribution of $35.4 million to CS Energy’s Carbon Reduction Program, which has enabled the company to direct funds to the Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project. 

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