About us

CS Energy is a major provider of electricity in the Australian national electricity market. We are a Queensland Government owned corporation and were established in 1997.

In the dynamic and constantly changing energy industry, we aim to be a nimble, performance-driven and future-focused business. We consistently strive to provide our customers with efficient and effective energy solutions.

CS Energy employs innovative, capable people who are helping us meet the challenges facing the energy industry.  

Company profile

An overview of our business, including our asset portfolio.

Our Mission and Values

Our values form the foundation of the high performance culture that will enable CS Energy to achieve its mission. 

Our team

Meet our Board and Executive Leadership Team. 

Key financials

CS Energy's recent financial performance, including links to our annual, forecast and interim reports.

Corporate governance

Our structure, who we report to and our commitment to the highest standards of ethics.


We strive to be as open and accountable as possible.