Gladstone Power Station

Gladstone Power Station is Queensland's largest coal-fired power station and is located at Gladstone on the central Queensland coast. 

CS Energy is a party to the Interconnection and Power Pooling Agreement, which enables us to trade the output of Gladstone Power Station in excess of the requirements of the Boyne Aluminium Smelter.

Gladstone Power Station is operated and maintained by NRG Gladstone Operating Services. Originally built and commissioned by the State Electricity Commission of Queensland in 1976, the power station was sold to the Gladstone Power Station joint venture in 1994 to support the Boyne Smelter expansion.

The 1,680 megawatt power station accounts for approximately 13 per cent of Queensland's installed electricity generation capacity and plays a pivotal role in the supply of electricity in central Queensland. Gladstone Power Station receives its primary fuel supplies from the Rolleston and Callide coal mines.

More information:
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