Visiting CS Energy sites

We take the safety and security of all people on our sites seriously.

If you’re visiting one of our sites, you'll need to complete an online induction prior to your arrival.

Please see the table below for more information on travel times, dress requirements, parking and inductions.

CS Energy maintains a heightened level of security awareness at our sites following advice received from the Federal and State Governments about a general risk to critical infrastructure such as power utilities. We’ve established close links with the appropriate government agencies and cooperate fully with police.

  Minimum dress requirements
  Location   Visitor to supply   Available at site

Power stations:

Callide B & C
Kogan Creek


Long sleeved  hi-visibility  cotton shirt

Long cotton trousers

Safety footwear

Safety helmet

Safety glasses

Hearing protection

Hi-visibility cotton vest (not available at Wivenhoe)

Corporate Office No personal protective equipment needed  
  Planning for arrival
  Location   Induction & forms   On arrival

Power stations:

Kogan Creek


Online visitor or worker induction

Wivenhoe Access Form

Parking is available (limited spaces at Wivenhoe)

Report to front gate security

Visitors will be asked to sign visitors book

Corporate Office Emergency/evacuation Report to reception
More information
Click here for information on the location, capacity and fuel sources for our power stations.