Our safety vision

Safety is our highest priority

CS Energy is building a safety culture that is characterised by visible leadership and safety behaviours that demonstrate genuine care and concern for our people.

The Zero Harm and Felt Leadership philosophies are key elements of our overall approach to safety, along with effective risk management.

Zero Harm

The Zero Harm philosophy underpins CS Energy’s commitment to providing a healthy, safe environment for everyone on our sites.

To achieve Zero Harm, we promote a reporting culture, where incidents and hazards are dealt with in a way that encourages continuous reporting, learning, communication and improvement.

Felt Leadership

At CS Energy, leaders play a key role in influencing employees to be safe.

We have adopted the Felt leadership approach – where leaders through their actions demonstrate care and concern for the safety of their people. This then flows down to our workforce, where we reinforce the importance of looking after each other, taking accountability and holding each other to account for our safety performance.

Risk management

Carrying out effective risk assessments prior to conducting work is essential to achieving a safer workplace.

CS Energy has systems and processes in place for assessing and managing risks, particularly for high risk tasks.